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Premarital Counseling

City of God Church believes that premarital counseling is a great way for a couple to prepare for a strong marriage for a lifetime. If you are getting married in the next year and would like to receive premarital counseling from City of God Church, complete this form and we will connect you with a pastor or approved couple to provide your counseling. We will do our best to schedule counseling with every couple that requests it.

The cost is $35 per couple to cover the price of the online evaluation we use. Counseling will be scheduled individually with the engaged couple and the counselors and may vary in the number of meetings.

Premarital counseling request form

Bravely Women's Health

Bravely offers reproductive healthcare, pregnancy support, and motherhood resources for central Indiana - all free of charge. They are located at 938 Mezzanine Drive - just off Park East Blvd between McCarty Lane and 26/South St in Lafayette.

Benevolence Request

Do you have a physical need that we can help meet? Fill out a benevolence request form.

Benevolence Request Form

Miscarriage Kits

Each kit contains educational materials regarding options for first-trimester miscarriage management, as well as practical items needed to miscarry at home. We know that a woman receiving a kit is experiencing one of the hardest days of her life and we want her to know that she is not alone.

Request a Kit Here

Prayer Request

Our elders would love to pray for you. If you would like to make us aware of specific ways we can do that, please fill out this form.

Request Prayer

Request a Meal Train

After welcoming a new baby into the family or post-surgery, it can be helpful to have meals brought to you. If you’d like to request a meal train, fill out the link below! 

Request a Meal

Request Help | City Movers Ministry

Need an extra set of hands for moving day? Fill out the form below!

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